September 21, 22, 23 & 24, 2023


Our four-day weekend combining both levels of the Death Doula training program via webinar.

Graduating students will qualify to take the 

NEDA proficiency test.

This intensive four-day workshop combines Enter the Grave and Conscious Dying.

September 21 and 22 - Level I - Enter the Grave

A deep dive into what it means to live and die consciously. Students will learn tools and practices to alleviate death anxiety, reduce suffering and activate their life’s purpose.

September 23 & 24 - Level II - Conscious Dying

Provides the information and tools necessary to prepare for a peaceful transition and guide another through theirs.

“The information, experience and wisdom offered in this course is the antidote to the fear and ignorance that are the cause of this unnecessary suffering and cost. It can help people die and grieve and heal in natural meaningful ways.”  - Anneke Campbell

Topics explored

Level I

Giving Birth Receiving Death ~ Connecting to source through somatic movement ~

Examining fears and beliefs ~ Energy fields and the luminous body ~ Healing the ancestral wounds ~

Managing the physiological response to pain ~ The journey of the soul ~ Buddhist perspectives on death and

dying ~ The life review ~ The death rehearsal

Level II

How to avoid death in the I.C.U. ~ Completing advance directives ~ Pain vs. Suffering ~

Organ donation ~ Physician aid in dying ~ Ceasing nutrition and hydration ~

The spiritual process of dying ~ Being a healing presence at the death bed ~

Creating a legacy project ~ Healing relationships / letting go / saying goodbye ~

Meditations and practices for relieving death anxiety

Workshop schedule is Pacific Standard Time – PST

Thursday - Sunday

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Daily

If you have questions, please write to [email protected] for details or call: 310-968-2763.

“The workshop opened my eyes to the tender complexity of all involved in caring for the dying with dignity and love. This work is blessed and important for families who wish to consciously honor their loved ones.”

- Sarina Daly Goode

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“Practical and profound, the essence of Olivia’s work is purely the extension of kindness to all beings and the Earth itself.” – Mimi Zenzmaier